Physical Therapy at ABC Health

Do you or someone you know have back pain, neck pain, or pain with climbing stairs or carrying food from the market?

Have you thought that maybe you would benefit from physical therapy?

There may be an imbalance in the way your joints move or your muscles, that can be corrected with stretching and exercises.

Do you know someone that has a small child that is not moving well, or has some developmental problems?

Physical therapy can be very helpful in helping young children, 0-3 years, and older children to reach their potential in function. Children with Down Syndrome, or other neurological problems can benefit from physical therapy.

Kathy Scott is an American trained physical therapist, currently treating patients at ABC Health Center on Monday and Wednesdays from 9-5.

During each session she will evaluate each patient to see where the greatest problem is. Kathy will perform techniques and exercises to correct the problem and then teach the patient or the family caregiver how to perform the same therapy and exercises at home. She will also provide ideas to prevent the problem from happening again.

You don’t have to continue to have pain each day, call ABC for an appointment with Kathy in physical therapy.