Palliative Care Consults

Palliative Day Care at the ABC Health Center has begun since 2019, in collaboration with our international partner Hospices of Hope. This day-care center aims to serve people who are fighting with cancer, facing organs’ insufficiency, or those who have experienced a stroke.

Through virtual consults, you may contact a medical professional who will advise on your condition and on the next steps in order to get the best treatment for you.

The areas covered in the virtual palliative care consult are:

– Lymphoedema and discerning its complications
– A healthy diet for palliative patients
– Pain Management
– How to care for decubitus and prevention 
– Education on how to care for patients with:
— urinary catheter,
— Nasogastric tube,
— Colostomy
— PEG feeding
— Tracheotomy
— O2 or Aerosol Therapy
– Psycho-emotional support for palliative patients

This service is FREE!

For further information please contact us through our phone number and e-mail address: 

Phone Number (WhatsApp & Viber): +355(0)69 409 6078
E-Mail Address:


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