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The Physical Therapy specialty at our health center offers a variety of medical and preventive services to enable our patients to live pain-free and independent. Our physical therapists care for the patient as a whole, considering their complete medical condition, not only the specific issue they are facing.

Prevention is the best way to ensure safety from possible injuries. Pain should not be the only motive for a physical therapy consult. They are specialists in treating musculoskeletal conditions or nerve pain. Our physical therapists treat pain through manual therapy and exercises, which help avoid any medication (when possible).

Virtual consults with the physical therapist will benefit you in areas such as:

– Musculoskeletal pain 
– Posture-related issues 
– Rehabilitation after surgery 
– Joint pain including: disc problems at the spine, degenerative changes at the spine, lower extremities or upper extremities. 
– Going back to sports after an injury 
– Musculoskeletal development related problems at children’s development including: all problems related to musculoskeletal system and advises for parents to support their children’s development. 
– Headache that comes from neck joints/muscles. 
– Instructions and advises  to prevent  damages and take care of the joints and muscles. 
– Gym exercises instructions to benefit more from exercises and perform them in a correct way, preventing damages

Price for this service 

The virtual consult is a great option when are facing the issues above and are unable to come to the center. It does not substitute the visit with the physical therapist, but it is a good way to get advise on the steps you should take. The price for this service is 1,000 lekë.

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Phone Number (WhatsApp & Viber): +355(0)69 409 6078
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